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DONMAR offers a variety of specialty tools to make sunroof and accessory installation easier for the professional installer.

15A Add-A-Fuse Circuit Stacker
makes fast, easy, clean circuit connections without splicing wires
 Add-A-Fuse ATC     Add-A-Fuse ATM    Add-A-Fuse Low Profile ATM (compact mini)
Add-A-Fuse Micro2New Products
Ideal for use with mobile electronics, auxiliary lighting, seat heaters and power sunroofs

Having difficulty locating ignition switched circuits to power or run signal to your aftermarket power accessories? Many of todays vehicles offer no spare accessory fuse location, or use an array of multiplexed wiring feeding digital signals to the onboard computer. Locating a clean switched wire and making a properly soldered, heat shrink splice is a nuisance and labor intensive. DONMAR has the solution! Add-A-Fuse allows you to stack a second fused circuit on top of an existing fuse, without making any splices or modifications to the original factory circuit!

Fuse Type Comparison
Add-A-Fuse works with these fuse types
new micro2 fuses are much smaller

Simply pull the factory fuse, insert it in to the lower slot of the Add-A-Fuse, insert up to a 15 amp fuse in the upper slot for your new device, crimp in your main power lead to the stranded copper 14-16g pigtail, and insert the Add-A-Fuse back into the factory slot.  Important - For devices requiring more than 15 amps peak load, use a relay to the battery and attach your signal wire to the Add-A-Fuse.

Available in two useful sizes for 12V automotive blade fuses:
     F-ATCS-10  10 pak std size, 15A new load, suitable for all ATC / ATO / APR fuses
     F-ATMN-10  10 pak mini size, 15A new load, suitable for all ATM / APM fuses
     F-LPMN-10  10 pak compact mini size, 15A new load, suitable for all ATM Low Profile Mini
     F-MCR2-10  10 pak compact mini size, 10A new load, suitable for all Micro2 fuses

Add-A-Fuse ATM
Mini AAF also fits in same slot as Low Profile Mini Fuse
MICRO~2 Size Now Available!

New Products Prewired Power Distribution Module New Products
add up to 25A aftermarket accessory power

            Power Distribution Module

Readymade prewired relay with everything you need to connect aftermarket accessories to switched, constant and/or memory backup circuits without adding load to the factory fuse box or CANbus. Heavy 12 guage main battery lead is fused and has a waterproof bullet connector to pass through the firewall. Diode isolated relay. Full wiring diagram included. Maximum new load 25A. Can be used to control one or several add-ons. Ideal for a wide range of automotive electrical and electronic accessory connections. Many installs require connecting direct to the vehicle battery using a relay. Why take the time to make and insulate your own connections to the back of a relay socket when we did all the the work for you for a fraction of the price?     PDM-ME1 Prewired Power Distribution Module        Click for Wiring Details

SPDT 12-Volt Automotive Relay & Prewired Socket
Relay            Prewired Socket
Relay w/ Prewired Socket
SPDT 30A Relays and Pre-Wired Sockets are ideal for a wider range of automotive accessory connections. Many installs require connecting direct to the vehicle battery using a relay. Why take the time to make and insulate your own connections to the back of a relay when we did all the the work for you?      RL3040-5PK  5 pak 30A 12V SPDT relays          RL-ERS-124  25 pak sockets w/ 12in 18g pigtails

New Products Automotive Pulse Timer Relay 528T New Products
            Pulse Timer Relay 528T, by DEI

528T is the industry standard Pulse Timer Relay, made by DEI. Use anywhere an adjustable timer-controlled 30-amp SPDT relay is needed. Timer is adjustable from 0-90 seconds. Activate  with positive or negative trigger input, and output positive or negative current. The DEI 528T provides complete flexibility whenever you need to temporarily either connect or disconnect any circuit. Ideal for a wide range of mobile electronics installs including front sensor control, headlight or radio delayed power off, delayed start and more. Compact size, versatile operation. Pre-wired pigtails are ready to connect into desired circuit.   DEI528T Pulse Timer Relay

EZ Bench Test Power Source

12V Power Supply    
EZ Bench Test Power Source an inexpensive, fast, simple way to test your 12V accessories before installation. Simply plug this into any vehicle's cigarette lighter outlet and connect the your lead wires to the alligator clips to run any device up to 20A load. Less expensive and far more convenient than a regulated 12V bench power supply. Keep one in every toolbox.    EZ-12VPWR

New Products Self Fusing Silicone Splice Tape New Products
replaces both heat shrink tubing and electrical tape for any wiring job

Self Fusing Tape       Self Fusing Tape    
Self fusing silicone tape makes wiring insulation fast and easy. Cold wrap application is better than heat shrink tubing, more durable and stronger than electrical tape. Forms and air and water tight seal. Stretches up to 300%. Won't melt up to 500F, and remains flexible to -60F. Insulates up to 8000 volts. 600psi tensile strength. Resists most chemicals including gasoline, motor oil, grease, alcohol and salt water. No sticky adhesive to leave a messy residue. Mollecularly bonds to itself in 24 hours. Originally developed for the Military for use in extreme applications. Ideal for any wiring splice, plug connection, strain relief and more. Withstands UV and weathering. Suitable for outdoor exposure in wet environments such as under-body, under the hood and even on boats. Triangular profile makes a smooth, seamless overlap wrap.  Keep a roll in every toolbox.    TPEX36R  1in wide x 36ft long roll, brick red  Made in USA

Black T-Taps
for 24-26g thin wire
24-26 Black T-Tap  Black T-Tap

Black T-Taps (10 pak) for making an electrical connection to 24-26g thin wires. Ideal for connecting signal wires to many under-dash connections on new super thin wires which are difficult to strip or solder without damaging them. Use with alarms, remote entry, remote start, LED lighting and more. Quick and easy.  Part Number 2539-10

Waterproof Inline Fuse Holder
* Heavy Duty 16g wire *
Fuse Holder

Waterproof Inline Fuse Holder (10 pak) for ATO/ATC fuses.  Watertight molded body and cover keep your fuse away from the elements.  16 gauge wire leads with tinned ends. Max 20 Amp fuse (fuses not included).  Part Number ATFH16C-10

Illuminated Rocker Switch
Single Pole, Single Throw On/Off Rocker Switch Kit
Rocker Switch Kit        Round Rocker Switch Kit      Round Rocker Switch Kit

Universal SPST Rocker Switch is ideal for auxiliary lighting.
SW125G-U Narrow front loading snap-in switch is only 1.25in x .5in and includes crimp-on spades and an optional surface mount bracket.
SWRND-LT round snap-in illuminated rocker switch is quick and easy - just drill a hole and pop it in.
SW-84882D round snap-in illuminated rocker switch with square bezel is quick and easy - just drill a hole and pop it in.

12-Volt Power Outlet
Panel Mount Cigarette Lighter Socket

12v Socket     12v Socket

SK-CIG is ideal for adding an extra power outlet anywhere on the dash for a multitude of plug-in devices. Also suitable as a replacement for burned-out sockets. Chromium-nickel plated brass. Front loading in a 22mm hole. Rear collar threads onto core. Attach power with spade connector and run a ground if needed.

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