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DONMAR stocks side window vents to fit popular Trucks, Vans & SUV's

Stampede Tape On Side Window Vents

Stampede SideWinds™ add function and style to your driving pleasure by allowing air to vent
without letting in turbulence or rain. Great for smokers or keep the truck cooler on hot days. Great in Sun or Rain!


Available in smoke tint, chrome, camo and specialty patterns.

Sidewind        Sidewind
Chrome AccyCAMO accy

Extra glass in todays SUV's creates a giant greenhouse, with interior temperatures up to 200° in the sun belt.  Venting the vehicle's cabin while parked can reduce interior temperatures by up to 10%, but leaving your side windows open risks water damage and theft.  Side Window Vents provide an ideal passive vent to reduce cabin temperatures, conceal the open window from prying eyes, and shield your interior from even a driving rain. Not just for smokers anymore, Side Window Vents are also an ideal fresh air solution to reduce wind noise while driving.

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