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Q: Can you quote me a price on a ______ for my vehicle?
A: DONMAR does not publish list or retail prices, nor do we sell directly to end users for D-I-Y install. Our products are intended for installation by qualified professionals. All sunroofs require professional installation. Labor rates and volume purchase discounts vary between shops and regions of the world. Retail installed prices are determined by the local dealer. See your local restyling professional and DONMAR dealer for pricing.

Q: How do I find my local DONMAR dealer?
A: Submit our handy electronic Dealer Inquiry Form. Please be certain to include your correct mailing address, because we send details via U.S. Postal service. [see privacy statement below]

Q: What size ______ fits my vehicle?
A: We have pictures and PDF format Applications charts posted online for  many of our products. Your local DONMAR Dealer can answer questions and assist you in choosing a DONMAR restyling accessory with features and style to fit your needs and sized to fit your vehicle.

Q: My _____ is broken. Can you send me parts for it?
A: DONMAR stocks parts for all current products, however you may not have one of our products, or it may be a long discontinued product for which no parts exist. Since 1984, DONMAR has sold many brands and models of sunroofs and accessories. We strive to maintain service parts however over time, stocks of parts for discontinued products do get used up. Properly identifying the product you have is a critical first step which often takes the expertise and experience of a professional. DONMAR does not directly service end users, please see your local DONMAR dealer for service. Some products are not stocked by our local dealers and may need to be ordered in. We encourage setting an appointment.

Q: Can I use a sunroof in my boat as a deck hatch?
A: We have had boat companies inquire about using our sunroofs in new hull designs and found it best to discourage them. Sunroofs are designed for automotive roof applications, and cannot withstand being walked upon or the pounding a boat might take. They are not designed for the shapes (or lack of contour) of a boat hull. In addition, most have aluminum and zinc components, as well as steel screws and pins which would not withstand salt spray or constant exposure. The best referral we can provide is goto your local boat repair shop or dealer and get a new BOAT HATCH.

Q: I am experiencing wind noise when my sunroof is CLOSED. Can this be fixed?
A: There are two possibilities causing the noise:
1. Typically, there is a small gap betewwn the edge of the sunroof frame and the edge of the glass. As air flows across a gap at certain speeds, it can cause a whistling, much like blowing across the edge of a glass soda bottle. The raised edge of the frame and glass, combined with sunroof position and vehicle aerodynamics may be just enough to cause this noise. Changing the air-flow across the leading edge by adjusting the sunroof or adding an external deflector will solve this problem.
2. The noise may be air escaping between the sunroof glass and seal. Lift which occurs as air flows across the vehicle roof at highway speeds can slightly raise the glass and cause interior cabin air to be sucked out through the slightest crack, making a loud buffeting noise. The noise through the sunroof will stop if you crack a side window to relive the pressure differential. An air-leak gap is not likely to cause a leak, as it is only prevalent when combined with lift at highway speeds. An adjustment is necessary to resolve how the glass seats against the seal. This should solve the problem.

Q: I am experiencing loud wind noise when my sunroof is OPEN. Can this be fixed?
This is generally referred to as a Buffeting Phenomenon. Buffeting noise is caused by the air stream passing over the windshield and entering the open sunroof. This results in a rapid pressurization and depressurization of the passenger cabin. The booming noise can be felt as well as heard. Buffeting may be severe, mild or nonexistent depending on several factors, the angle of the windshield, location of the sunroof, and other aerodynamic features of a specific vehicle. Vehicle speed, wind direction and velocity also have an effect on buffeting. Any sunroof [aftermarket or original equipment] can produce buffeting under the right set of circumstances. Most buffeting occurs at a given speed range and disappears above or below this buffeting zone.      Options to reduce buffeting:  (1) Close the sunroof 1 to 2 inches from full open. Some sliding sunroofs are equipped with electronic controls which can be pre-set to stop at a position that eliminates the buffeting, or a brief touch of the close button will accomplish the same thing. When not driving in the buffeting speed zone the sunroof can be fully opened.   (2) Crack a side window about an inch. This will prevent the pressure from building up in the vehicle and usually eliminates the buffeting.   (3) An external wind deflector can be installed to raise the air stream, causing it to come down on the vehicle roof rearward of the sunroof opening.

Q: What is my warranty on DONMAR products?
A: LIMITED WARRANTY COVERAGE: DONMAR Enterprises, Inc. warrants DONMAR products against defective materials and workmanship, when properly installed by an Authorized Professional Installation Center, subject to normal use, solely to the original retail purchaser for the expressly stated warranty period for each DONMAR product. This warranty is NOT transferrable. Glass breakage is not covered under warranty.
        In the event any covered defect is discovered within the specified period, the owner must, at his/her own expense, bring the vehicle to any DONMAR Authorized Installation Center for correction.
        DONMAR, will repair or replace [at our option] parts considered defective and subject to such warranty coverage, provided that they were not damaged by alteration, improper use or application, or neglect. It is the responsibility of the installation center to perform all warranty services.
        This warranty does not apply to any DONMAR product which has been subject to: abuse, misuse, improper use or application, negligence, neglect, accident, flood, fire, or acts of God, nor does it cover loss of time, inconvenience, use of the vehicle, or any other indirect or consequential damages. This warranty is void if repairs have been made or attempted by unauthorized parties. Under no circumstances will labor or installation charges be reimbursed by DONMAR. No other expressed or implied warranties are given including any implied warranty of merchantability or implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.
        No drawings, photographs, instructions, dimensions, specifications, advertisements, brochures or other descriptive matter issued by DONMAR or the product manufacturer shall be regarded as a warranty or representation relating to the goods.

Q: These FAQ's don't answer my question. How do I contact DONMAR for more info?
A:  (1) If you need to find your local DONMAR Dealer, use our online Dealer Inquiry Form.  Dealer referrals are sent via eMail, along with a valuable savings coupon.
       (2) If you have a more specific question, you may Contact DONMAR via our online inquiry form. If you are seeking service on your product you please include details about the exact brand/make, model and size of the product. Questions will be answered by email, U.S. Mail or by your local DONMAR Dealer.  

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IMPORTANT: Products, Parts & Service parts MUST be obtained through DONMAR Dealers
DONMAR Does NOT sell or send parts directly to individuals for DIY install or any other reason.


DONMAR will not share your personal data with any mailing lists or databases, nor will will it be used to send unrequested direct marketing information from DONMAR or any unrelated company. We may provide this data to our local dealer and request that they contact you directly in order to better serve you. When we request your information, it is so that we may either transmit or mail requested information.

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