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DONMAR products are designed for professional installation only, and sold through a nationwide network of professional restyling and installation centers. This section is designed to assist restyling professionals with installation techniques, product identification and sales tips, and is not intended for consumer or D-I-Y use. Access to or possession of our technical support materials does not qualify an individual as an installation professional not does it constitute authorization to purchase or install DONMAR products. DONMAR does not recommend, support or warranty D-I-Y installation of any of our professional restyling products.

SOME of our tech docs are password protected. Please CALL DONMAR for access.


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All sunroofs require professional installation and service.

         •  Pop-Up: FunsportSunmate/SunhatchInalfa/ASI/FarmontAutoPort/Newport     
         •  SpoilerVST, Skyroof LS/LSSSolaireH321MH310/311/321LH312/322LEvent
         •  Topslider: Skyroof II,   H524
         •  Folding:  AT2/H400SWING, Sapphire, Sunway II 


  Funsport Installation Guide with Photos & Cross Section Diagrams  

  Funsport TSB: Troubleshooting and Resolving Water Intrusion

  Funsport TSB: Main Seal Replacement 

  Funsport Warranty Card 

FUNSPORT II (made in USA, HP Glass, gray button handle base)
FUNSPORT I (made in Korea, printed or HP glass, red button handle base)
1. FS-I T-Ring lip is not as wide as FS-II
2. Glass, seals, hinge blocks, hinge brackets are fully interchangeable.
3. Clamp frame screws are different and will not interchange.
4. FS-I kit does not include butyl sealant tape. F1934-026 butyl is available separately
5. Handle base (frame bracket) and Handle Assembly (latch) are different and will NOT inter-connect, but if both parts are swapped together, they will mate to the frame and glass properly. USA made Funsport all bear a FUNSPORT label in the handle, and have a GRAY button handle base, imprinted PUSH. Gray Button handle base F-003-FR connects to F-003-GL handle assembly. Korean made Funsports do not currently have a label in the handle [eventually will]. These have a RED button handle base, imprinted PRESS. Red Button handle base ER10931, connects to ER10282 handle assembly. NOTE: sunroofs with Red Button base have an aluminum shim glued to the frame (in the screw channel). Remove this shim when changing to a Gray Button base.   [2016:  discontinued sunroof, no handle parts available]
Red Button Base Gray Button Base


  Target Vehicles for Spoiler Sunroofs & Reference Dims

  SKYROOF® LSS Installation Guide with Photos & Cross Section Diagrams

  SKYROOF® LS/LSS Warranty Card

  Installation Manual: Hollandia 321M (300 Medium)

  Service Guide: Hollandia 300M  Drive Mechanism

  Installation Manual: Hollandia 312L/322L (EMERALD)

  Service Guide: Hollandia 300L (complete)

  Service Guide: Hollandia 300L  Drive & Locker Hooks

  Service Guide: Hollandia 311L/321L Trim Bezel Installation

  Installation Manual: Webasto 3200/3400 (Sport/X48)

  Service Manual: Webasto 3200 / Sport Spoiler

  Service Manual: Inalfa Event Series Spoilers (includes parts diagrams)

  TSB: Webasto Spoiler Sunroof Wiring Diagram (with Relay)   {Add-A-Fuse also recommended} 

  TSB: Re-Timing a Spoiler Sunroof Drive Mechanism


  DONMAR Sunroof Technical Manual (password required to open - call for details)

  Sunroof Identification Request Form - fill it out, and fax to DONMAR for assistance

  Topslider Sunroof ID Info Sheet (rail mount sliders)

  TSB: Sunroof Warranty Info Form (required for shops to process warranty claims)

  TSB: Sunroof installation in a Jeep Cherokee Ribbed Roof

  TSB: OH Console mod for 1999-06 GM FS Trucks & 2000-06 SUVs

  TSB: OH Console mod for 1997-06 Ford Explorer

  TSB: OH Console mod for Nissan Titan/Armada

    Replacement Glass Available for Webasto & Hollandia Inbuilt Sunroofs!

    TIP: Always prime your cut hole to prevent rust - use DONMAR's paint pen!

    TIP: Always inspect, verify contents and bench test each sunroof BEFORE cutting the hole!

    Chart of Current Sunroof Models

    Chart of Discontinued Sunroof Models


    TSB: Painting Tips (coming soon)

    TIP: Roof Racks can be easily cut down from a larger size to fit more applications

  TSB: Proper Procedure for Installing Tape-On Accessories
            TIP:  Always use ADHESIVE PROMOTER with all tape-on products

   Replacement LED Lamp Chart (for wings)

  Installation Guide: SportQuest Roof Rack

click here for applications charts



  Fog Lamp Install Guide: SIQ-312 (2012-14 Scion iQ)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: STC-301 (2011-13 Scion tC)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: STC-314 (2014~ Scion tC)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TAV-313 (2013-14 Toyota Avalon)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TCA-201 (2010-11 Camry) & TCO-105 (2009-11 Corolla) Positive Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TCA-303 (2010-11 Toyota Camry)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TCA-312 (2012-14 Toyota Camry)  Negative Trigger Switch  
         DRL Blackout Install Guide:  TCA-512 (2012-14 Toyota Camry)  
         DRL Bar Install Guide:  TCA-712SE (2012-14 Toyota Camry SE)  

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TCO-115 (2009-10 Corolla)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TCO-303 (2011-13 Corolla)  Negative Trigger Switch  
         Fog Lampw/ DRL Install Guide:  TCO-303DRL (2011-13 Corolla w/ LED DRL) 
Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TCO-313 (2014-16 Corolla)  Negative Trigger Switch  

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TCO-817 (2017-18 Corolla)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TPR-301 (2010 Toyota Prius)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TPR-301 (Revised for 2011 Toyota Prius)  Negative Trigger Switch

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TPR-412 (2012-15 Toyota Prius Gen.3) 
Negative Trigger Switch  

  Fog Lamp LED Install Guide: TPR-817 (2016-18 Toyota Prius Gen.4)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TPC-312 (2012-14 Toyota Prius C)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TPV-312 (2012-14 Toyota Prius V)  Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TRA-201 (2009-12 Toyota RAV4) Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TRA-313 (2013-14 Toyota RAV4) Negative Trigger Switch 

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TTA-312B (2012-14 Toyota Tacoma) Negative Trigger Switch, Pwr Under Dash (rev 2/4/14)
         Fog Lamp Install Guide: TTA-312 (2012~ Toyota Tacoma)
Negative Trigger Switch (rev 11/5/12)  
         Fog Lamp Install Guide: TTA-312 (2012~ Toyota Tacoma)
Negative Trigger Switch & Y Adapter w/Diode  
         Fog Lamp Install Guide: TTA-312A (2012~ Toyota Tacoma)
Universal Harness (Interim Kit)

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TTU-301 (2007-13 Toyota Tundra)  Negative Trigger Switch (rev 5/13)
         Fog Lamp Install Guide: TTU-301 (2007-13 Toyota Tundra)
Negative Trigger Switch  
         Detail Photo: Connector DB

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: TSI-301 (2011-14 Toyota Sienna)  Negative Trigger Switch  

  TSB: Toyota NPT Fog Lamp Harness Wiring Diagram  Negative Trigger Switch  
           for TCA-303, TCA-312, TCO-115, TCO-303, TPR-301, TPV-312, TTA-312, TRA-201, TSI-301, TTU-301

  Fog Lamp Install Guide: GENERIC, X-Series  Factory Fit Kits  [and TAC-001 Tacoma

  Fog Lamp Wiring Diagram for GENERIC, X-Series Factory Fit Kits    Shows optional High Beam Trigger


  Install Guide LED DRL Blackouts:  TXX-5##D (for Toyota Vehicles)

  Install Guide Interior Ambient Lighting: STC-601 (2012 Scion tC & Universal Fit)  Remote Control Switch  

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  TSB: Seat Heater PreSale Tech Info

  OVERVIEW: Seating Comfort Upgrades (8/16)

  Install Guide: SH-R-01 Carbon Fiber Seat Heater (discontinued 10/11)

  Install Guide: SH-R-02 + SH-R-03 Carbon Fiber Seat Heater (discontinued 1/16)

  Install Guide: SH-R-04 Carbon Fiber Seat Heater (new for 2016)

  Product Update: SH-R-04 Carbon Fiber Seat Heater

  Install Guide: SH-B-03 Bolster Seat Heater

  Install Guide: SH-S-03 Split Pad Seat Heater

  Install Guide: SH-FW-01 FlexWire Seat Heater (discontinued)

  Install Guide: SH-W2-00 MiniPad Wired Seat Heater  (discontinued 6/12)

  Install Guide: SH-ISCF Vent Fan Seat Cooling System

  Install Guide: SCSLUM Wired Seat Heater

  Install Guide: SCSMS Motorcycle Seat Heater

  Install Guide: SCS6MC VibraMassage System (discontinued 4/11)

  Install Guide: SCS6MSS VibraMassage System  (discontinued 6/14)

  Install Guide: AC003-M VibraMassage System

  Install Guide: Shukra Lumbar Supports (all)    ****REVISED 2/16*****

  User Guide: Shukra Lumbar Supports (all)

  Seat Heater Warranty Claim Procedure

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  Install Guide: Precision Park P2000/P4000

  Install Guide: Precision Park P5000

  Install Guide: Precision Park P2000-SSC

  Applications Exceptions Precision Park Systems

  TSB: Troubleshooting False Reads on Precision Park Systems

  TSB: Installing P5000W in a Trailer

  Install Guide: Brandmotion CurbAlert

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  Install Guide: GT-7008 Intelligent Parking Assist Module (camera interface)

  APPLICATIONS: GT-7008 Intelligent Parking Assist Module (camera interface)

  Install Guide: GT-M3003 3.5in 2ch LCD Monitor

  Applications Guide: BrandMotion Rearview Systems

  Install Guide: BrandMotion Rearview Display Mirrors
         Install Guide: BrandMotion CamLock Adaptor
         Install Guide: BrandMotion 9002-6006 10pin Adaptor
         Install Guide: BrandMotion Replacement Microphone

  Install Guide: Brandmotion Tailgate Handle Camera  [04-11 F150 + 08-12 SuperDuty]

  Install Guide: Brandmotion Tailgate Handle Camera  [07-11 Silverado/Sierra]

  Install Guide: Brandmotion Tailgate Handle Camera [09-11 Dodge Ram]

  TSB: Brandmotion Mirror Mount ID Guide & Options

  TSB: Optional Mirror Mount Brackets for Import Mirror

  Instructions: CTAA585 RearView Mirror Removal Tool for Ford Vehicles

    TIP: Backup cameras can be wired as always-on (accy. switched) for rearview instead of on only in reverse.

    TIP: Backup lamp circuit may not provide sufficient power to operate a camera. A relay may be needed

    TIP: quick-tap inline connectors don't work well with very thin camera power wires. Solder, use t-tap or bean crimps.

  TSB: Using Shielded RCA Cable with Stud Mount Camera (add inline RCA socket)

  TSB: Switching from Reverse (mirror) to Normal (foreward) Image View


  Install Guide: SideView Blind Spot Cameras

  Install Guide: GT-BSC-KIT SideView Blind Spot Camera Connection Kit

  Install Guide: SV900.CSB 4-Channel Camera Control Box


  TSB: 2003 Truck Accessory Primer - identifying body types and other isues related to ordering the right parts

  TSB: ID guide 2006-07 GM, Ford & Toyota Trucks

  TSB: ID Mirror Cover 2004-08 Ford F150

  TSB: Duallie Wheel Simulator Reference Guide - how to spec the right part

    TSB: Painting clear hood shields

    TSB: protecting the lights on Lighted Running Boards

click here for applications charts


  TSB: Care and Maintenance of Pneumatic Tools

  Wiring Diagram:  DEI528T  Pulse Timer Relay

  Instructions for using XL5 Drill Bits

  MSDS G771 Lubricant

  MSDS & Prep for 3M VHB & Acrylic Adhesive Tapes

  MSDS 3M P94 Adhesive Promoter

  MSDS 3M 4298 Adhesive Promoter

  MSDS 3M 2262AT Adhesive Promoter

  MSDS RTV Silicone Sealant

  MSDS Paint Pens




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