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DONMAR offers a variety lighting options to brigthten your commute.

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OE Fit Fog Lamp Kits
Download/Open our PDF Applications Chart

Direct fit, bolt-in fog lamp kits include mounting hardware, wire harness & switch (where applicable)

Custom or Universal Dash Switch Included in Each Kit

fog light kits for Chevrolet - GMC

07-12 GMC Acadia Fog Lamp  -- TBA  2011- Chevrolet Cruze Fog Light Kit  10-13 Camaro Fog Lamp 10-14 Equinox Fog Light Kit
2013- Chevrolet Malibu Fog Light Kit 99-02 Silverado Fog Light Kit 05-06 (+07 Clsc) Silverado Fog Light Kit (w/off-road package)  
07-13 Silverado 1500 Fog Light Kit  (paint required) 02-09 Trailblazer Fog Light Kit 07-10 Yukon Fog Lamp

fog light kits for Chrysler - Dodge - Ram - Jeep

JPDG560OE - Various Chrysler - Dodge - Jeep Applications    CH2592135 - Various Dodge Applications (Chalenger)  CH2590109 - Various Chrysler  Applications 

    02-08 Dodge Ram Fog Light Kit 

fog light kits for Ford

FR102OE - Various Ford Applications


fog light kits for Honda + Hyundai

  08-10 Honda Accord 4dr Fog Lamp Kit 08-10 Honda Accord 2dr Fog Light Kit  [spo]06-07 Honda Accord Fog Light Kit  [spo]    04-05 Honda Accord Fog Light Kit  [spo]
2012 Honda Civic 4dr Fog Light Kit2012 Honda Civic 2dr Fog Light Kit
 07-08 Honda CR-V Fog Light Kit    05-06 Honda CR-V Fog Light Kit  [spo]   06-08 Honda Civic Fog Light Kit  [spo]    

11-12 Hyundai Sonata Fog Light Kit 11-12 Hyundai Tucson Fog Light Kit11-13 Hyundai Elantra Fog Light Kit


fog light kits for Nissan

   02-04 Nissan Altima Fog Light Kit   04-07 Nissan Armada/Titan Fog Light Kit   07-09 Nissan Altima Fog Light Kit2013 Nissan Altima Fog Light Kit    05-08 Nissan Frontier Fog Light Kit09-14 Nissan Frontier (Plastic Bumper) Fog Light Kit05-13 Nissan Frontier (Metal Bumper) Fog Light Kit
Frontier Fog Light Options
  07-09 Nissan Sentra Fog Light Kit  07-09 Nissan Versa Fog Light Kit


fog light kits for Toyota

07-09 Toyota Camry Fog Lamp Kit 05-10 Tacoma Fog Light Kit06-08 Toyota RAV4 Fog Light Kit 
08-10 Toyota Highlander Fog Lamp Kit 11-13 Toyota Highlander Fog Lamp Kit 
06-08 Toyota Yaris HB Fog Light Kit  11-12 Toyota Corolla 11-12 Toyota Sienna Fog Lamp Kit

10-11 Toyota Camry Fog Light Kit  2012 Toyota Camry Fog Light Kit 2010-11 Toyota Prius Fog Light Kit 07-11 Toyota Tundra Fog Light Kit (metal bumper only)   
Toyota Camry Harness      Toyota Tundra Fog Light Dash Mount Switch    Universal Switch

2013-14 Avalon, 2010-14 Camry,  2009-14Corolla,  2011-13 Corolla w/ DRL,  2010-11 Prius,  2012-14 Prius Original,  2012-14 Prius C,   2012-14 Prius V,  2009-14 RAV4, 2008-11 Sequoia,  2011-14 Sienna,  2005-14 Tacoma,  2007-13 Tundra
(metal bumper), 2012-13 Yaris HB,  2012-14 Scion iQ,  2011-14 Scion tC,  2013-14 Scion FR-S 

TAV-313 2013 Avalon Fog Light Kit
TCA-303 2010 Camry Fog Light Kit TCA-303 on 2010 Camry Hybrid (Add OE Brackets) Fog Light Kit TCA-312 on 2012-14 Camry LE - Fog Light Kit
TCO-303  2011-13 Corolla Fog Light Kit 2011-13 Corolla w/LED DRL TCO-314  2014 Corolla L, LE
TPR-301 2010-11 Prius Fog Light Kit TPR-412 2012-13 Prius Fog Light Kit w/Lower Grille TPC-312 2012 Prius C Fog Light Kit TPV-312 2012 Prius V Fog Light Kit
TSE-001 2008 Sequoia Fog Light Kit TSI-301 2011 Sienna Fog Light Kit  TRA-201 2009 RAV4 Fog Light Kit TRA-313 2013 RAV4 Fog Light Kit TAC-001 2005 Tacoma Fog Light Kit TTA-312 2012 Tacoma Fog Light Kit TTU-301 2007 Tundra Fog Light Kit TYA-312 2012 Yaris Hatchback Fog Light Kit
SIQ-312 2012 Scion iQ Fog Light Kit STC-301 2011-13 Scion tC Fog Light Kit STC-314 2014 Scion tC Fog Light Kit SFR-313 2013 Scion FR-S Fog Light Kit

OE Fit custom bolt-in fog lamp kits include mounting hardware, wire harness & dash switch
(custom switch where applicable, otherwise universal)
3/36 Warranty

Limited Applications, more arriving regularly - this chart gets updated frequently, so check back often.
 Download/Open our PDF Applications Chart
Adobe Acrobat Reader (or compatible PDF Reader) Required

Off-Road Universal Fog Lamp Kits
Round 5.2in lights with protective chromed plastic grille, wire harness and universal switch
  Single bolt mount for attaching to flat bumpers, light bars, bull bars and grille guards

  Round Fog Light Kit

Premium Color Dipped Halogen Bulbs

Super White  Super Blue  Pure Yellow
H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007
made in Korea

SUPER WHITESpark White Package

 SUPER BLUESpark Blue Package

   YELLOWSpark Yellow Package

Spark Bulb   Spark BulbSpark Bulb

Not sure what bulb you need?
Check the vehicle owner's manual.
Pull the old bulb out and read the part number.
Call the car dealer, or
use the Sylvania's online Auto Lamp Replacement Guide:
Sylvania Bulb Finder
Our bulbs are not manufactured by Sylvania. They are made to match a common industry standard
by  an ISO9001 certified factory in Korea who also produces OEM branded bulbs.
DONMAR makes no representation of affilliation with Sylvania and merely provides the
above link as a courtesy resource for individuals seeking to match a bulb type.

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