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DONMAR offers a variety of specialty tools to make sunroof and accessory installation easier for the professional installer.
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 AnchorLube Cutting Tool Lubricant

AnchorLube is specially designed for problem metal working jobs. It is the best product available for stainless, high carbon. high chrome, case iron, etc. Anchorlube is ideal for very hard metal working operations such as along welds on carbon steel. It can be used for drilling, tapping, sawing, counterboring, milling, etc... Anchorlube is an exceedingly clean, environmentally safe lubricant. I contains no oil, and creates none of the difficult cleaning problems associated with white lead, molybdenum and similar materials. Normally a smooth green semi-paste, but consistency may vary with temperature. Melting point is between 75 and 80 deg F. Summer temperatures reduce its viscosity, while winter room temperatures make it a fairly heavy paste. These changes have no effect upon use or efficiancy. Shake well before use. Reccomended for use with XL5 Super Drill. Sold in 2oz applicator bottles.

 Fine Point Marking Pencil Set
ScribeAll Marking Pencils
Our fine point marking pencils make a crisp, clean, thin line on nearly any surface. Ideal marking sunroof patterns or mounting holes on racks and wings. Non-acidic grease pencil writes on and wipes off any metal, glass or painted surface. Package of 2 includes one white and one black fine point grease pencil with handy sharpener.

 Paint Marker
(for priming bare metal)
Primer Pen

Paint Markers are great for rust proofing on any fresh cut hole. Ideal for sunroofs, racks and wings. Also useful for window tinters. No mess, no cleanup. Quick drying. Oil based paint is suitable for painting bare metal surfaces and protects them from corrosive moisture.

3M 4298 Adhesive Promoter
available in easy to use spongepak wipes or applicator pen
Adhesive Promoter   Adhesive Promoter Dauber  Adhesive Promoter

Adhesive Promoter/Primer - use it or lose it. Prep your surface correctly to ensure tape-on parts stay on. To ensure a quality bond of VHB acrylic tapes for permanent attachment, proper surface preparation is critical. When adhering surfaces with a low surface energy such as materials like paint, Teflon (PTFE) and other composite plastics, it is critical to be certain the surface is free of contaminates such as oil, wax or silicones. Clean surface with denatured alcohol, then prime with genuine 3M 4298 and #94 adhesive promoter. Not using a primer on substrates can greatly affect bond strength and longevity of bonded materials.  Available in single use spongepak pads, 0.5oz applicater pen and 3oz dauber bottle.

New Products 3M Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachement Tape New Products
Red liner, black foam core - the only way to make certain it sticks!
3M Tape3M Tape3M Tape

3M(TM) Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape uses automotive OEM approved acrylic foam core and adhesive technology. These tapes offer more robust performance to a wide variety of automotive substrates. Typical applications include body side moldings, claddings, rock panel trim, wheel flares, bumper trim and other exterior and interior automotive trim components. Black foam tape with red peel away liner. We offer small rolls in 3 convenient sizes:  
3M06397  1.5mm x 1/2in x 10yds     3M06385  0.8mm x 1/4in x 5yds     3M06386  1.2mm x 1/4in x 20yds

Foam Sealant Tape
Foam Tape    

Foam Tape (WS1631-026) is ideal for sunroofs. Adhesive backed closed cell foam. Simple to apply, no cleanup. Won't dry or crack. Non acidic, will not cause rust. 1/8in x 3/8in x 9 ft rolls

Butyl Sealant
Non Acidic BLACK Butyl Tacky-Tape and Butylene Mastic Sealant
Butyl Tacky Tape     Butylene Tube

Butyl Tape (F1934-026) is ideal for sunroofs. Simple to apply, easy to cleanup. Won't dry or crack, remains tacky and resiliant. Non acidic, will not cause rust. 1/16in x 3/8in  x 9 ft rolls

Butylene Sealant (EME4128) is a viscious liquid butyl. Remains tacky. Won't dry or crack, remains tacky and resiliant. Non acidic, will not cause rust. 3oz squeeze tube with nozzel and key. 

 100% Silicone Sealant
Neutral Cure, Non Acidic BLACK RTV Silicone
for Automotive Interior/Exterior
Silicone Sealant
 RTV7500 Silicone

Hard to find Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant/Adhesive is ideal for sunroofs, vinyl tops, simcons and other automotive applications because it will not cause the body sheet metal to rust!  Master case contains 24 cartridges.  Standard caulking gun required.
10.2oz plastic cartridge fixed nozzels
RTV7500-BLK CLICK Here for Bondaflex MSDS (PDF)
10.1oz plastic cartridge w/screw-on nozzels

Markers    Adhesives    Sealant

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