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Upgrade Options for a more Comfortable Seat
Comfortable Lady
DONMAR offers a variety in-seat options to make your commute more comfortable.
Professional installation required.

Carbon Fiber Heat      Modular Heat      Quick-Slip Heat      Motorcycle Heat
PlugIn Heat      Lumbar Supports      Vibra-Massage      Seat Cooling

Carbon Fiber Seat Heater Logo
Honeycomb Mesh
Relax, sit back and Get Warm...
Unlike most wired seat heaters, ultra-thin, flexible carbon fiber seat heaters
provide evenly distributed instant heat.
Advanced electronic controls keeps the seat temperature constant within one degree.

Seat Heater Illustration Lighted Switch        Carbon Fiber Pad

Download our PDF Seat Heater Brochure

MODULAR SYSTEM:  mix-and-match  standard, split and bolster pads

Splits Right Down the Center.

ICF Split Pads   Lighted SwitchSplit Pads
Split Pad Heater Kit makes installation easier in seats with vertical listings.  Made with flexible insulated resistive fiber and arranged in a continuous loop. Works with both vertical and horizontal lisitngs. Kit includes four 4.5x17in pads, complete harness and switch. Kit Part Number SH-S-03

Seat BOLSTER Heater
The finishing touch to a warm comfy seat.

Split Pad HeatersLighted SwitchBolster Pads
Like OEM options on luxury German cars, our Seat Bolster Heater Kit adds more comfort to any heated seat. Designed as an inline add-on kit to our carbon fiber heaters, they have a Y-connector on the pigtail. Can also be installed as stand-alone quad pads (with added central harness) ~ ideal for use with tape sensors. Upper and lower pads can be installed independently. Set draws only 3.8A and heats from 104-112deg F. Special oval wired heat pads are 13x3.25 inches with a self-adhesive back.  Kit Part Number SH-B-03


MODULAR SYSTEM ~ Mix ands Match all pads on same harness


New Products DELUXE Carbon Fiber Seat Heaters New Products
OE style rectangular switch with dial for multi-level heat.

Deluxe Carbon Seat Fiber Heater Kit      2-Seat Deluxe Carbon Seat Fiber Heater Kit 

QuickSlip Seat Heater Logo
EZ Install, Value Priced, Single Pad Wire Element Seat Heater Kit

Seat Heater Illustration Lighted Switch Seat Heater Illustration

The SCS Quick-Slip Lumbar seat heater is a wired, single element heater with a simple on/off switch. This heater is quickly installed into the seat back of most any vehicle, without having to remove the seat! So simple, it can be installed by mobile technicians. 8x10.25in wire element in self adhesive backed foam pad. Part Number SCSLUM

Download our PDF Seat Heater Brochure

PlugIn Seat Heater Logo
portable, comfortable, soothing heat - for any vehicle seat

It just doesn't get any easier than this. Strap it on, plug it in and enjoy instant warmth anytime. Made in China with a durable BLACK fabric and textured back for anti-slip grip. Dual oversized wired heating pads warm the full seat back and bottom. Multi-level swtich controls desired heat level. Attractive pattern complements virtually any interior.  Easily stored when not in use. Economical. Simple. Effective.

DONMAR Part Number  TWI-1603

PlugIn Seat Heater Pad

Motorcycle/ATV Heater
Seat Heaters are Not Just for Automobiles...
Great for ATV's, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Golf Carts & Neighborhood Vehicles
Alternate Vehicles

Motorcycle Heater
An extra layer of warmth for riding on the open road, or off it!

Layering on the leather helps keep you warm when riding in winter months, but even chaps don't keep your seat bottom warm. Our new MC heater is designed for use on motorcycles, ATV's and snowmobiles. Single pad flexible wire element pad easily fits most size cruiser, ATV and snowmobile saddles. Seat bottom shaped 8x9in heating element is embedded in an oversized 14.5x23.25in cut-to-fit pad for seamless installation. Waterproof harness and switch resist both the elements and the garden hose!  Part Number SCSMS

Mechanical Lumbar Supports
Shukra Logo
DONMAR proudly offers genuine OEM Lumbar Support systems made by Schukra, the industry leader in automotive seating ergonomics
Manual Lumbar Support 2-wayPower Lumbar Support 4way Power Lumbar Support 

Fully adjustable mechanical spring form lumbar supports are available in manual or powered versions. Manual units are 2-way (in/out). Powered systems are available 2-way or 4-way (adds up/down).  The basis of all lumbar support systems is to achieve correct seating position. To attain optimum seating position, the lumbar seating system must provide support to the pelvis, lumbar vertebrae and upper body. Effective support of these areas will enable lasting seating comfort after the initial adjustment. Lumbar support systems are designed to assist you in achieving an anatomically correct seating posture. Incorrect seating posture can lead to lower back pain that can lead to driving discomfort, reduced concentration and reduced driving safety.

Lumbar support systems are designed to assist you in achieving an anatomically correct seating posture. Incorrect seating posture can lead to lower back pain that can lead to driving discomfort, reduced concentration and reduced driving safety. Proper lumbar support and direct heat are among the most recommended long-term chiropractic care therapy and preventive measures for lower back injuries. These can be installed in combination in virtually any automotive seat, using our genuine OEM adjustable lumbar support systems and universal automotive seat heaters.

  The Ergonomics of Lumbar Support

  The Effects of Vibration on the Body

  Shukra Lumbar Supports - User Guide

Pneumatic Lumbar Supports
New for 2013!  Bladder lumbar systems for easy ergonomic seating upgrades.
Manual Bladder Lumbar        Power Pneumatic Lumbar Support  

Fully adjustable pneumatic bladder system lumbar supports are available in both manual or powered versions. Ergonomic butterfly shape provides just the right shape and support. Heavy duty oem grade polypropylene material is more durable than rubber bladders. Dual seams are permanently heat sealed.

MANUAL: Quick, easy installation and elegantly simple design make this an ideal add-in for any seat. Manual hand pump operation is achieved though a squeeze bulb with push button release valve. Installs between seat foam and skin. Made in N. America by Shukra. Part#: LA200-9477

POWER: Push a button to pump it up. Quiet electric pump and release valve are operated by a round switch. Installs behind the seat foam, in front of the frame and springs. Made in Taiwan. Part#: L-AC003LB

Vibra-Massage System
Soothing Seat Comfort
Seat Massage Illustration     6 Motor Massage System

Our Seat Massage System features utilizes a full 6-motor vibration system to deliver the best in vibrating seat massage. Panel mount round switch for multi-zone, multi-level massage control. This massage system has been designed to produce a relaxing ride in any vehicle and comes with a 3-year/36,000 mile limited warranty to the original owner. Can also be combined with Seat Heaters to add warmth to your "mobile massage."   Part Number AC003M

Seat Ventilation System
Quad Fan Cooling with Optional Wired Heat

Seat Ventilation Illustration
Seat Vent Kit - Optional Heater    Seat Vent Switch      Seat Vent Kit - Optional Heater

Seat ventilation system circulates cabin air throughout the seat, removing moisture and keeping the occupant cool. Increased air flow can quickly cool the seat surface by 10-15 degrees. An optional heating element can be integrated to make this option great for all seasons. The system has high/low settings for personal comfort.
REQUIRES full-perf leather or breathable cloth with reticulated foam backing to allow air to flow through the surface.

          • Dual-zone cooling for the lower back and seating area
          • 2 settings, high and low, for desired fan speed or level of warmth
          • Built in thermostat for controlled comfort in heating
          • 4 cooling fans
          • Includes 2 sheets reticulated foam
          • Universal system for easy installation
          • 3 year / 36,000 mile limited warranty
          • Vent System Fan Set Part Number:  SH-ISCF
          • Optional Heat Part Number:  SH-ISHP

Important Technical Notes for Seat Heaters:
Some seats include Occupant Sensors in the seat bottom, between the seat cushion and upholstery.
DO NOT Install seat heaters over or under OCS tape sensors.
NEVER Disable OCS sensors to install seat heaters
Some OCS sensors or system computers must be reset after removing and reinstalling the seat - see your automobile dealer.
Some factory seat skins are bonded to the cushion and are not suitable for add-on seat heaters.

Seat Heater Illustration
Enjoy Your Drive!

Carbon Fiber Heat      Modular Heat      Quick-Slip Heat      Motorcycle Heat
PlugIn Heat      Lumbar Supports      Vibra-Massage      Seat Cooling

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